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Please CONSULT WITH POOL PROFESSIONALS for repairs to your equipment and pool where a hazard to yourself or others may be present. Pool Pumps, Underwater Pool Lights and certain Swimming Pool Heaters carry Live Voltage and this hazard can be fatal. Pool Heaters release Carbon Monoxide emissions which can be fatal, and repairs to Gas Heaters can be dangerously explosive.


Please use care and caution with pool chemicals. Poisonous and deadly gases emit from the chemicals themselves and during reactions with other chemicals (including water). Skin burns can occur as well, so please, any time you are working near an empty pool, take extreme care to prevent falls.


Our Professional Services Include


Phoenix Pool Pros, LLC Services We recommend the following services be performed regularly to help ensure a safe, efficient and long lasting pool, spa and equipment.

Diatomaceous Earth Pool Filters: How many times? 1x-2x a year. Should be cleaned every year. We recommend cleaning the filter more often on pools with heavy use, pets and high foliage. Phoenix Pool Pros, LLC inspects the grids, grid fabric, the air relief assembly, the manifold, the tank clamp and o-ring. Replacement of grids that are broken or damanaged is extra.

Cartridge Filter Cleaning: How many times? 1x-2x a year  

Cartridges have an expected life of 2-3 years with proper care and maintenance. Then should be replaced, filter replacement is extra. We inspect the filter structure and fabric, the tank o-ring and clamp and air relief assembly. Filters should be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned and inspected 3-4x a year. More for high useage, high foliage and pets. Higher prolonged PSI levels can cause your filter to explode or cause further damage and repairs needed.

Sand Filter Replacement (Sand) How many times? Every 5 years

Most Sand filters are between 300-500 lbs. The cost to replace the sand is 75 cents per pound with old sand disposal. Dirt, hair, pet hair, body oil and chemical residue cause the sand to be clumpy and thick. The buildup prevents the sand from efficiently filtering the water. Which will cause the sand filter to operate at a higher PSI level. Higher prolonged PSI levels can cause your filter to explode or cause further damage and repairs needed.

Pool Draining/ Refilling: How many times? 1x every 2-3 years $100 for smaller play pools,and $150 for larger pools includes start up chemicals, salt is $12.00 per 40lb bag TDS or Total Dissolved Solids, Calcium, Cyanuric acid, chemicals and sanitizers cause your pool to not perform properly. Which can cause corrosion of equipment and fixtures and scale build-up. The City code requires us to run the drain hoseto the sewer cleanout for your home. A special attachment is used to connect the hose to the cleanout to prevent possible damanage to your yard or your neighbors yard. The average size pool or play pool will drain in 10-15 hours, more time is needed for larger pools. Day 1: Arrive at customer's home to perform job. Drop the pump in the pool and run to the sewer cleanout. If just a drain and refill, we will return that day. Remove the pump, refill, add chemicals and start up the pool. Extra additional services happen on day 2.

Day 2: Removal of pump. Perform any additional services such as Acid Wash, Chlorine Rinse, Tile Cleans and Algae Removal. Rinse the pool of chemicals and replace pump and run hose to sewer cleanout. Return for Day 3.

Day 3: Pull pump and refill pool. Once refilled add chemicals and start up pool. Pool "Start-Up" - Frequency: As Needed - Cost: See Below for Details Pool "Start-Up" is performed after a pool has been drained and refilled. This Basic "Start-Up" includes ALL "Start-Up" Chemicals and Labor. Cost: $150 Salt (if needed) is charged additionally @ $12 per 40 pound bag.

Notice: If the pool is Brand New and requires a Complete "Start-Up" then the following additional prices will be assessed as needed.

D.E. Filter "Start-Up" - Cost: $20

Purge Air from System - Cost: $10

Set Manual Valves - Cost: $15

Set Automatic Valves - Cost: $30

Random Cleaner Setup - Cost: $20

Program Aqualink or Similar Electronic Control System - Cost: $40


 Acid Wash: How many times? 3-5x a year or 1-3x a year for poorly maintained pools. Acid washes remove a very thin layer of plaster from the pools surface. Revealing a brighter, whiter finish. Mineral stains, chlorine stains and even dirt stains can be dramaticly reduced or even removed. Acid wash prices vary depending on pool size and chemicals used.


Chlorine Rinse/Wash: As needed to remove algae from pool wall and stairs.

A drain, chlorine rinse/wash and refill is needed to remove significant algae bloom from the pool walls and stairs. See pool draining and refilling for processes and procedures. Pool draining and refilling is extra, see pool draining for cost.

Tile Cleans: As needed to remove scale and calcium build-up.

Tile Cleaning also known as glass beading or bead blasting is used to remove calcium, scale and scum from the pools tile and other surfaces. We outsource this service to K.I.N.D Scale Removal since they are experts on this aspect of Tile Cleaning and Bead Blasting. Since there are several different types of bead available (some of which can damage your pool's tile / surface) we recommend you contact Phoenix Pool Pros, LLC for questions or concerns 480-208-1474.

Salt Cell Cleaning: How many times? 3 - 4x a year -  Salt Cell Chlorine Generators should be disassembled and given an acid bath every 3 - 4 months or when calcium buildup becomes visible on the plates within the salt cell. Failure to perform this service regularly will result in the premature failure of the salt cell.

Pool Heater Small Service: How many times? 1x / year Cost: $100 + Parts Pool Heaters should be cleaned and tested at least once per year. We clean leaves and debris out of the heater cabinet and inspect the flame pattern on the burner and check the heat exchanger for sooting (poor combustion).

Pool Heater Large Service: How many times: Every 5 years Cost: $200 + Parts Pool Heaters should be subjected to a very thorough inspection and service every five years (or annually under heavy service). We perform all the elements of the annual tune up (above) plus we test the heat rise, and measure and adjust the manifold gas pressure. We test the safety circuits and pressure switches and test and calibrate the temp settings.

Electronic Controls - Frequency: 1x / year - Cost: $95 + Parts Electronic Control Systems should be serviced once each year. We check all the time settings. We check the water temp sensor for accuracy and do an ice water test on the air sensor to ensure proper freeze protection. We check all the functions of the spa remote and check the heater operation from the indoor panel. We also install a new backup battery if needed in the system.


Additional Services and Installations: *Motors (rebuilt or new) *Pumps *Filter Warranty & Replacement *Salt Systems *Heaters & Heat Pumps *Automatic Time Clocks *Automatic Pool Cleaners ( All Brands) *Plumbing/ Leaks *Color Changing Lights/Light Repair *Automatic Water Levelers *New Pool Start Ups *Remote Systems *Spa Repair We deal with all brands and manufactures at affordable prices.


Thank you for choosing Phoenix Pool Pros, LLC for All your Service and Repair needs 480-208-1474. *If you have a pool equipment emergency, please call the office 480-208-1474 and leave a detailed message. We will be sure to call you back within the following hour.


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